Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I am blessed - I truly am

Yesterday a work colleague helped me turn a big corner in how I have been looking at life the last few weeks. She gave me a little "just a note" card - here is the inside.

I was moved to tears - what a beautiful gesture. In the midst of the turmoil my life has been the last few weeks this was just what I needed.
How blessed am I to be surrounded by kind, thoughtful and loving people?
This is day one of the new stronger and ready to face the world Janet.
First stop - Manchester - 2 days in a lovely hotel where I get to meet with folks I have never met before at the Stampin up Convention.
Its going to be Fab!
and to top it off I think the hotel rooms has  big bath in the en suite. We only have a shower at home so I will be having bubble baths twice a day just because i can !
best get my team swaps finished then hadnt I ???
Hope your day is feeling positive today.
Thanks for stopping by x

Thursday, 14 November 2013

In the midst of upheaval a welcome bit of birthday crafting..............

 Today it is my beautiful Niece Rebeccas 8th Birthday so even though crafting is furthest from my mind, at the moment, I headed to the craft room to make something worthy of my youngest crafty fan and where better to start than with my Molly Blooms and a craftwork cards diorama card.
On opening it Rebecca was confused as to why it did not open but once I explained the 2 little girls were her and her best friend Ella she didnt mind a bit.
She was also thrilled with the Sizzix boutique I had bought her along with some embossing folders - this will work really well with her cuttlekids die cut machine so i am sure i will see some great crafty Christmas cards from her.
Its stamping club tomorrow so I will be playing with my crafty chums for a few hours. In the midst of the turmoil my life seems to be in this bit of normality will be a welcome break.

Thanks for stopping by at least some crafty project to view this time x
Janet x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

I dont like being a grown up

And so the saga continues - unhappiness, solicitors, legal rights, who pays for what, who can claim what from the other. I cannot imagine why folks go through this more than once.  My stress levels this week have been through the roof - a rollercoaster of anger, hurt, sadness and despair. Which minute will find me in which emotion is unknown.
Amyone who knows me will also know this is driving me insane.  I like to plan, know whats ahead, I am flexible about the plan but I still like the security of it being there.
For the last 3 weeks there has been no plan. No certainty ahead except the passage of time.  Going to work is a welcome relief - at least I know what is happening there, I know the plan, the routine even, with all its moving to plan b,c, m, z at least its there.
I am still beavering away with the craft fair idea and am really grateful to my friend Barbara for taking the heaviest part of the load.  Our session on friday making cards went really well and it was a welcome relief to have mindless chatter about nothing inparticular to help sooth my overloaded brain.
Those ladies rock ! I felt cared about and loved - such welcome feelings amidst such negative ones.
One of my closest friends is ill in hospital and despite the horrors she is facing she sent her hubby to join us crafting too.  Its hard to keep sight of in these rollercoaster days but i am quite blessed - especially with the lovely folks who surround me and uphold me with their friendship.

Thanks for stopping by - sorry there is no cheery news to share.
Janet x

Monday, 4 November 2013

explaining ...........

The last 2 weeks have been horrid - the worst of my life - beaten only by the death of my father and brother 18/19 years ago.
My husband Tim, of 27 1/2 years, decided he wants us to separate.
 Tim had a breakdown 2 years ago which has changed him enormously - I suspect he is not yet recovered but he feels he is ready to make this big decision. No one to blame - no specific reason except he has changed. Its been awful.
This weekend we told our 3 children and other members of our family.  Its been very very difficult.
I suspect it will become more and more difficult over the coming weeks - so please expect a craft hiatus from me whilst I get myself together.

Janet x