Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I am blessed - I truly am

Yesterday a work colleague helped me turn a big corner in how I have been looking at life the last few weeks. She gave me a little "just a note" card - here is the inside.

I was moved to tears - what a beautiful gesture. In the midst of the turmoil my life has been the last few weeks this was just what I needed.
How blessed am I to be surrounded by kind, thoughtful and loving people?
This is day one of the new stronger and ready to face the world Janet.
First stop - Manchester - 2 days in a lovely hotel where I get to meet with folks I have never met before at the Stampin up Convention.
Its going to be Fab!
and to top it off I think the hotel rooms has  big bath in the en suite. We only have a shower at home so I will be having bubble baths twice a day just because i can !
best get my team swaps finished then hadnt I ???
Hope your day is feeling positive today.
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  1. Never doubted you would find yourself again my are too good a person to be defeated and also we need you in our lives...luv u to bits..onward and forward Janet xxxluv Georgina xxx

  2. The note card doesn't say anything that all that know you didn't know, but it was lovely of your colleague to do it just the same. Enjoy the convention or if you have been hope you enjoyed it. You will soon get to know people because that is you xx

    1. It was made even lovelier as this person I have not been particularly close to. She has been there and done that thouh so knows something of the new path I am on and how scary it can be.

  3. Just paid a catch up visit to your blog (as I do from time to time), and read your news. So sorry you're going through such a horrid time Janet. You're a strong, wonderful person, and you'll get through this. Sending huge hugs xxx

  4. So pleased to see you having something to look forward to and you are feeling a bit more positive. You deserve good things to happen in your life again.
    Yvonne x

  5. I don't know what your turmoil has been in the last few weeks Janet, but I do know what a kind, generous person you are ... and how much you love your family. What a lovely gesture from your work colleague, but she says what we all know, even though I've only met you once. Take care ... lots of hugs xx

  6. Janet, am just catching up on your blogs ... so sorry to read your news. Take care .. love and hugs xx


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