Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year ! a crafty start.

Hello folks - are you still with me after all my doom and gloom in October and November?
I do hope so because I am ready to start the brand new year filled with creativity!
Christmas came and went with lovely time spent with my family - It was great having them all under one roof for a few days so they could chat and re-connect following the news.
We ate, drank, made merry and of course played games - what every family Christmas has been to us Despite everything it was a happy and joyful time.
New year - Megs and I were on our own again as our Tom lived it up at the street party in Edinburgh and James and his band had a New Year Gig in london - so we decided to celebrate how we like to spend our time and we crafted. Megs had a couple of commissions to complete - family pet portraits - one line drawing and one water colour - she also has her main piece to complete for her Art A level so she has worked on that too - Pictures to follow.
I had a magazine commission to complete and also wanted to get the first project for stamping club completed - A Molly blooms hanging.  I was inspired by Clares own make from last year which you can find here.
As crafters we are also always giving our creations away so I wanted to create something we could keep. This weekly to - do calendar has a laminated front which can use a whiteboard pen to make notes on. teamed with the cute Molly and George stamps I am pleased to have this hanging in my craft room.
The base is a piece of Christmas packaging - just a bit of corrugated card - which works well giving it a sturdy feel. The rustic look of string also gives a lovely feel.

So this is fridays project - Hope the ladies enjoy it !
Thanks for stopping by - hope the cheery post is much more exciting to read !

Love Janet x


  1. Wow what a fabulous idea Janet! I am always looking for things to make that I can keep, as you say we are always giving our makes away :) Is the coat hanger a full size, child or a 'crafty' one?

    So glad to hear that Christmas was a happy time for you and there's no better way to bring in the new year than spending time crafting, that's what I would like to have done but sometimes we bow down to other peoples ideas on how to spend our time :) Not that I didn't have a happy new year you understand :)

    Dawn x

    1. The coat hanger is a wooden one from ikea and is child size - its had a coat or two of cream paint and a little rub to make it shabby chic looking x

  2. A fantastic project Janet.
    I do hope 2014 is good for you all.
    Yvonne x

  3. oo that is absolutely gorgeous <3

    Been a bit out of touch recently but here is a belated *mmmwah* and a *hug*



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