Monday, 17 March 2014

Scrapbooking Posse

When I first began crafting scrapbooking was my passion. I wanted to share that passion so I started (with lots of encouragement from Dy Reaveley) a scrapbooking group in Skipton.
I met with some of the girls to craft on a more regular basis and Jo, one of my original ladies emigrated to Australia 5 and a half years ago.
One of Jo's sons nick named us the scrapbooking posse so we took on the name and
 laughed and laughed as we crafted.
Today I met up with Elaine and Jo for the first time since Jo emigrated 
(Though I still see Elaine fairly regularly to craft in the various groups we go to)
- it felt like we had been together forever.

 We went on a trip to Ilkley so it would have been rude not to drop into Bettys for a light lunch.
 Here are the girls - all smiley and giggly as ever.
 and of course some English tea !
 Our attempts at Selfies !

 After a little wander round so Jo could get some shaving brushes 
(a little behind with the techniques in Aus even if the sun does shine a lot !)
 We headed into Costa to laugh some more. Poor Jo was frozen as the North wind was definately blowing today.
Loved meeting up again - and we laughed as we always used to - though back in those days we never went out for coffee just crafted at each others homes.
Back tomorrow with some retreat pictures - Gosh I have had some fun the last week.
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  1. Wasn't it wonderful to just pick up where we left off, I'm so lucky to have such special friends. Please feel free to organise a craft retreat in Australia, I'd love to get all my English and Aussie crafty friends together!! :):) xxx


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