Wednesday, 23 October 2013

In memory of a very dear lady.......

On the 8th november 2012 a very dear lady from, my crafty circle of friends, passed away from Cancer.  She had fought tirelessly with the nasty disease and throughout was brave, kind, gentle and funny.  I will remember her always.
As a craft group we have chatted together about holding a crafty event, on the anniversary, as a tribute to our lovely friend who left such an imprint on our hearts. So the 8th November will be Maries crafty day.  Held at our local shop - Samuel Taylors, Embsay her crafty chums will gather to craft, laugh and be together - just as we used to when Marie was with us.  This time we will be making things together to sell at a craft fayre.
We would like to donate a bird table to the hospice where Marie spent so much of her last days - watching the birds and squirrels feed at the table just outside her window gave Marie more pleasure than I can say. It made her laugh out loud - you know the squirrels were soooooo cheeky and the daily vist from the robin how she loved his visits. So thats our aim - to raise money to buy a bird table with Maries name on it to help someone else who needs those cheeky squirrels and robin visits to help their days be bearable.
So I began this last summer

 at the Claxby craft retreat. A forlornly single tea cup longing to become useful again.  I added a cushion of material - stuffed with toy stuffing. I have sewn up the underneath and squashed it into the teacup.
 An old lace doily was sewn ontop with a crochet flower. I knew it needed some pearls so yesterday I added a pearl to the middle of the flower
then some pearls at the end of each point of lace. Its now a beautiful vintage pin cushion.  I hope to sell this at the craft fair along with some other bits and pieces I have made.
This is also my DT piece for Creative Moments - the midway inspiration for our lace challenge.
Do stop by as my team mates have some fabulous things to inspire you with.
I forgot to mention - we want to buy the bird table from another local charity who makes them - there are a few so I would be thrilled if we could buy more than one table to help more than one charity to help more than one person.  That would definately be a great tribute to Marie - she was a nurse - so helped many many folks who needed her care. She was one very special lady.............

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  1. How lovely Janet! The teacup looks so pretty and as you say, now has a new use :) I am sure that Marie's crafty day will be full of happy memories and craftiness. I will make something for you to sell at the craft fair to raise money for the bird table(s) and will pop in to say hello as I will be working that day.
    Dawn x


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