Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Momentous day.........

 Today my baby girl had her 18th birthday party. She officially is 18 tomorrow but as she is at work all day we celebrated today.  18 ? Really? How on earth did that happen - I am now the proud Momma of 3 grown ups - heck thats a lot to take in.
Well my baby loves her horses so the theme of the cake was a no brainer really.  I bought the topper, flowers and bunting and the rest of the cake was made by her Godmother - complete with green glitter.
 The horse is a little cutie - I bet she keeps him for a while...........
 This was the tea party spread for family and friends.
 and of course we had the whole Happy Birthday routine.
Megs has gone off to celebrate with her friends now - guess this is the future as we know it!
 Mum and I were just sat having a cuppa before the mammoth tidy and wash up began so I took this little picture.  The tea set in the foreground I bought my Mum and Dad for their 20th wedding Anniversary.  In the background is a jug from another tea set Mum has from her parents.  She was telling me she remembered her Dad buying it for her Mum so she didnt have to borrow the tea set from the neighbour everytime they had visitors!
and this sweet little gift was for me.  When I went to the Ritz I drooled over the sugar tongs - Mum found a pair in the Oxfam shop and bought them just for me - now we can live it up as often as we like !
I'm feeling kinda wistful at the thought of having grown up children - it feels odd.  I am immensely proud of them all for being so individual and not just following the crowd. at their age I was definately a sheep - thats one thing they are not!
Hope she is having a fab time x
Happy Saturday x
Janet x


  1. lovely blog Janet, have a nice evening and enjoy a rest after your eventful day xx

    1. Thanks Lynne - It was a lovely weekend - Meghan said the tea party was the highlight. I forgot to say in my post that Mum also got out the family silver! A set of 8 tea spoons to commemorate the Queens coronation. She polished them especially as Great Uncle Alan was coming to the tea party (hubbys side of family). He was a horse guard in the Coronation parade. These little things made the day so special and shared a little family history with the kids too. It was surprising who took sugar in their tea that day to have a go with the sugar tongs and stir with the family silver lol

  2. Enjoyed reading this blog Janet, it is easy to see where you get your warm and lovely nature from, your parents and grandparents. Looks like you had a wonderful time on Meghan's "unbirthday" and I hope she had a good day whilst you were at Harrogate today. You are definitely a leader now, not a follower lovely lady xx

  3. Aww thanks Angie thats such a nice thing to say. I forgot to share the silver tea spoon story so do look at my reply to lynne to get more xx


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