Sunday, 29 September 2013

weekend catch up

Yesterday I went to Port Sunlight for the very first time - my reasons were not to buy crafty stuff (as I am going to GNPE next weekend) but to catch up with gorgeous people for a natter and hugs.
It was an amazing day - and Edna if you tune in - you made my day - I was utterly thrilled to meet you xxx
Big thanks to Linda, Siobhan, Liz and Anna for a fab day- my whole reson for going was to get hugs from these very special gals.
Jill and Ian for hugs and catch up with the Woodware projects.
and everyone else for helping the day be such a fab one.
It was also a personal first - I am not a hugely confident driver and my motorway experience is very limited but I managed to get there and back with no great problem so I was very pleased with myself !

 Today was another show - this time on the doorstep.  I live in a sleepy market town called Skipton where a number of festivals have been taking place over the last few years. Skipton is known for its woolly sheep (we have a pub with the same name and a day dedicated to sheep - imaginatively called sheep day!) in fact in days gone by it was known as sheep town.  The utterly perfect place for a massive festival of woollen goodness - This was Yarndale.  Look it up on facebook - so many pictures of gorgeous colours and fabulous projects - this was THE place to be for some woolly inspiration.  This was the knit and natter lounge area - what amazing creations!
I had a super time with the lovely Pam - where we were in awe of the talents surrounding us.

Then tonight - a birthday celebration with long standing friends at our favourite restaurant - the Bella Napoli.  Here is my pal Sarah celebrating Bella style with full music and silly hats.  We have laughed till we cried today - how amazing.  I am totally blessed to have such brilliant friends who have filled my weekend with love, laughter and so much joy - thanks folks xxx
Hope yours was filled with joy too x
Thanks for stopping by x


  1. Sounds like you had a good time Janet. Well done on conquering the dreaded motorway driving, love the knit and natter area, fabulous. X

  2. Hello Janet! It was lovely to meet you too. Half term now and my grandson James is showing me how to reply. I hope you get this !xxxxxxxx

    This is Edna but on my grandson's account xxxxx


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