Thursday, 12 September 2013

where did the week go.....

Back to work after a lovely 2 weeks off and my MoJo is still on hiatus. I think it happens around the same time every year mainly as I remember doing Halloween projects to get me moving again.
My craft stamper popped through the door last week - wow - some fab inspiration in there which I hoped would get me fired up but alas it hasnt happened..
So how am I filling my days ? been sorting a bit - sort of Autumn clear out I guess - I have a pile of craft goodies to sell (which may go on a certain auction site ) but also some other bits and pieces.  The main reason for the sort out is my boys are coming home for the weekend - and bringing mates too! Fab to have everyone together but like sardines in a tin LOL.
I have also been helping Megs focus on her studies. She was very disappointed in her AS results so i have been trying to help her make plans for better use of her time over the coming months.  The great thing is that when she had a meeting at school about said results all were a few points off the next level - so well within the scope of doing better next time.  This has boosted her no end.
Stamping club started back with a nice easy session - for me - colouring.  I remember so well getting frustrated with my own results which is where most of my ladies were at.  So we covered quite a few techniques - from promarkers, watercolour pencils, dye markers, distress markers, aqua markers and the like.  a common factor is we are all sucked into buying the latest product when we often have things at home that do the same job as well.  After some practise and lots of questions I was happy to see how many folks felt more confident by the end of the session.
The scrapbook has been completed - I have been doing a scrapbook, well 2 actually of my SILs life to 40.  I have to say its been hard work - and possibly one of the most expensive gifts I have ever given.  Scrapbooking is so much simpler if you are part of the memories the photographs evoke.  It has however made me want to restart the ones i have neglected of my own - so thats the plan! It has been well received and I hope the journalling has been fun for her too !
So whats the plan for the coming week? I need to do some workshop samples - I have been asked to teach at a new shop which is very exciting - especially as Mid October is great for Christmas projects too - I have an idea in the planning so watch this space.............

so hope you are all crafting far more than I and having creative fun too - thanks for stopping by and I hope I can bring more creativity to my blog soon xx

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