Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bucket trip.........

I could bore you to tears with photos to be honest so I think I will cherry pick my fav bits of my recent London trip.
As the name suggests it formed part of my bucket list. I have just turned 47 - the age Dad was when he died - so I felt the need to do something I had always wanted to do - namely have tea at The Ritz!
My Sister in Law Linda and I planned a mini break for the end of the holidays to include our Meghan - and also meet up with my Son James whilst down there.
We stayed in a travellers hotel in Paddington - rough, ready but clean, with comfy beds and a fab shower !
Our focus on day 1 was to see this show
 It was brilliant! Loved it all !
Next day we met up with my son James and headed for Trafalgar square
 To visit the National Gallery - helping our Megs along with her art studies. James has been a number of times so was able to give her a whistle stop tour!
 Next was my fav bit (aside being with my family)
 Yes we got there with time to spare for a little photo pose !
 Inside - we were speachless - such awesome surroundings........
 The tea room !
 Where our table was waiting
 and our menu ready to be chosen.
 dainty little sandwiches
 fresh scones and pastries - we couldnt manage all the other sugar laden things offered such as cakes and trifles !

 Time for a little photo of my youngest two - it felt odd not having our Tom there too.
 Our last day we did the tourist thing and boarded an open top bus for a live commentary tour - which we all loved. Look at that amazing blue sky - not a cloud to be seen!
 This was one of the many spendid views of the London eye.
 Couldnt resist this pic - extreme window cleaners !
 as we left the bus we saw this fab Sushi bar - megs loves Sushi so we need to go back so she can sample it - but the crafter in me loved all the lit up fish swimming in the window!
At the train station - Megs had noticed the pianos there for anyone to play and fancied a go herself.
Here she is playing Bellas Lullaby from Twilight - its was lovely watching her sit there and play so confidently. The lady watching in the left of the picture was mesmerised and came over to speak to Linda and I - she was overcome with emotion at Megs playing. She was from Brazil and was meeting her daughter at st Pancras.
There was another piano deeper in the station - this was also being played this time by a beat boxing pianist - it was wonderful seeing young people with so much talent just entertaining because they love it.

I had an amazing few days with amazing family - we met fabulous people, friendly, chatty people and had a wonderful time together - I am going to do it all again !!

Hope I have not bored you with pictures x

Thanks for stopping by x
Happy Sunday x
Janet x 


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I went down with my Meg for a trip top Camden Market last year and thoroughly enjoyed it too. Never been to the Ritz thogh - looks amazing! Glad you had a wonderful time x

    1. Thanks Sally - Megs loved it too - Next on the list is The Curious Incident of the dog and another play on the piano in St pancras !

  2. How fabulous a wonderful treat for yourself. Hope there are a lot more things on your bucket list XOXO Zoe

  3. Strike one Janet...what a great deserved to enjoy every last second...whats next???? xxx

    1. It was fab Georgy - next trip is in the planning stage :)

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend. you will have loads of wonderful memories.
    Yvonne x

    1. Sure do Yvonne - I feel a mini book coming on........


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